Passkeys in Minutes for your
Web and Mobile Apps

Add native passkeys experience to your Firebase, Okta or identity provider (idP) in 10 lines of code

Main Features

Migrate your new and existing Users to Passkeys with Ease

Frictionless Authentication

Passkeys use your fingerprint or other biometric to log you into your websites, just like unlocking your device

Secure by Design

Passkeys are proven to be resistant to phishing, credential stuffing, and other remote attacks


Standards Based

Based on the FIDO specification and supported by all major browsers and device manufacturere

Cross Platform

Use the same seemless experience across the web and mobile devices


Flexible & Easy

Zero code needed with our Firebase extension and our backend and mobile SDKs. Supports both single factor and 2nd factor authentication.


OpenID Connect Compliant

Our service uses OpenID Connect standard based server. Use any standard OpenID Connect Client to connect to our service.

Use Passkeys in addition to Social Login

Login your users wherever they are.

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Get Going in no Time

Take the seemless secure experience to your users in all major platforms


Android SDK

React Native SDK

Flutter SDK

Firebase Extension

Django Backend Library

import {register, authenticate} from 'justpass-me-react-native'
const firebaseProjectName = "my-firebase-project" // the firebase project where the extension is installed
const cloudLocation = "us-central1" // location where the extension is installed
const extensionInstanceName = "ext-justpass-me"
const baseURL = `https://${cloudLocation}-${firebaseProjectName}${extensionInstanceName}-oidc`
// registration
const registrationURL = `${baseURL}/register/`
const IdToken = await auth().currentUser.getIdToken()
const extraHeaders = {
Authorization: `Bearer ${IdToken}`
await register(registrationURL, extraHeaders)
// login
const authenticationURL = `${baseURL}/authenticate/`
const result = await authenticate(authenticationURL)
if (result.token) {
await auth().signInWithCustomToken(result.token)

1. Sign up your Organization

Sign up to get the security credentials to start using

2. Integrate your Backend

Install our Firebase extension for zero-code backend integration or use any of our backend libraries or bring you own OIDC compliant client.

3. Use our Web app or Mobile SDK's

We provide a web app implementation and the mobile SDK's need less than 10 lines of code. It's that easy!

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