Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are Passkeys?

    Passkeys is an extension to Web Authentication (Web Authn) API, that allows users to use the key stored in another device to log on a service. Also, it allows the keys to be shared between the web application and mobile application if both are configured properly.

  2. What is Web Authentication API?

    Web Authentication is a Web stanadard available from Mar 2019. That allows using asymmetrical credentials to identify users. The private key is kept by the user authenticator and the public key is stored on the server. The technology is phishing-resistant as the authenticator is checking the server identity before replying.

  3. Who supports Passkeys and Web Authn?

    • Apple Operating Systems (Mac OS X Ventura, iOS and iPad OS 16+) supports syncing the private keys on iCloud.

    • Android supports syncing private keys on Google Password Manager.

  4. Did any site deploy Passkeys?

    Yes, PayPal deployed it in Nov 2022 and Google deployed it on May 2023.

  5. What is the protocol between our application & JustPass?

    OpenID Connect 1.0. All the communication is done over OIDC protocol.

  6. What are the languages / frameworks supported?

    We currently support

    • Python - Django
    • Firebase
    • iOS SDK
    • Android SDK
    • React Native SDK

    The following is currently in-progress

    • NodeJS
    • PHP
    • WooCommerce
  7. How can I integrate JustPass.me with my application?

    JustPass supports all front-end integration through OpenID Implicit Flow, all backend integration through Authorization Code Flow, or hybrid between them.

  8. Do you have a free-tier?

    Yes, you can use justpass.me for 1000 Active users per month.

  9. How can I start using JustPass.me?

    Create an account from our signup page (opens in a new tab) and create your organization account.

  10. We need to use our domain instead of our_organization.accounts.justpass.me?

    This is possible, but needs an enterprise agreement, please email us on support@justpass.me

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