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yarn add @justpass-me/justpass-me-react-native
cd ios
pod install


  • Open dashboard and update the apple app package to be <Application Identifier Prefix>.<Bundle Identifier> ( e.g. )
  • Make sure to add webcredentials:{your-app-domain} to your app associated domains (opens in a new tab)


import {register, authenticate} from '@justpass-me/justpass-me-react-native'
const firebaseProjectName = "my-firebase-project" // the firebase project where the extension is installed
const cloudLocation = "us-central1" // location where the extension is installed
const extensionInstanceName = "ext-justpass-me"
const baseURL = `https://${cloudLocation}-${firebaseProjectName}${extensionInstanceName}-oidc`
// registration
const registrationURL = `${baseURL}/register/`
const IdToken = await auth().currentUser.getIdToken()
const extraHeaders = {
    Authorization: `Bearer ${IdToken}`
await register(registrationURL, extraHeaders)
// login
const authenticationURL = `${baseURL}/authenticate/`
const result = await authenticate(authenticationURL)
if (result.token) {
    await auth().signInWithCustomToken(result.token)

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